Who we are

Plantax is a team of outstanding, professional financial advisors located within the Airport Executive Park in East Richmond. We all have different mindsets, but all of us agree that we should care for our families, friends and finance. We want everyone to enjoy protection for their families, education for their children, and happy retirements. As the increasing population of immigrants in Metro Vancouver grows with every second, we will make it a priority to help them settle and know more about finance in Canada, and benefit from the prosperous offerings of Metro Vancouver.

Experienced Team

Founded in 2013, Plantax is a fast growing firm, with advisors who are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients.

Accommodates busy schedules

Our office may only be open 5 days per week, but we can make appointments with clients at night or on weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Successful Team

Although we are not a major player in our industry, our team has provided the best services to our clients compared to several of our competitors, and have built a loyal client base.

Dedicated Team

Plantax is dedicated to providing best financial services. Each client will be assigned to an experienced advisor so that everyone will benefit from our excellent services.

Professional Advisors

At Plantax, we only employ strong, motivated advisors who are determined to succeed, so we can provide excellent services to our clients.

Immigration Consulting

We provide financial services for locals, but we also assist the increasing numbers of immigrants in Metro Vancouver to provide them with financial and economic information for Canada.

Eric Yeung, CFP, CIM, CHS, EPC

General Manager

Tony Tang

Financial Advisor

Lucas Cheung

Financial Advisor Trainee

Henry Chiu

Business Development Manager

Bill Wen

Financial Advisor

Eva Yuen, EPC

Financial Advisor

James Zhang

Financial Advisor

Shirley Zhou

Financial Advisor

Randal To, CFP, EPC

Financial Planning Department Manager

Spring Sun

Financial Advisor